A mother seeks justice after her daughter was killed during a balloon release in Baytown

A Houston-area mother hopes you’ll help her get justice for her daughter who was tragically killed while attending a balloon release just before Christmas.

The shooting was absolutely unthinkable. Dozens of people were there to celebrate the life of a man who was shot and killed in Baytown and as families gathered for the vigil someone opened fire on the crowd, killing a young mother, Disha Allen, 25 years old.

BACKGROUND: Baytown drive-by shooting: 1 dead, 13 injured at vigil for murder victim

“It was tragic for my whole family,” cries Leanna Goudeau.

Since that horrible day in December 2021 when Goudeau’s daughter was shot and killed, life hasn’t been the same.

“It’s been like a nightmare. It’s like I’m trapped. I feel so lost,” Goudeau said with tears streaming down her face.

Disha Allen was herself a mom to her special-needs daughter, Kennedy. On December 12, 2021, the 25-year-old was with 100 others gathered on North Market Loop at Thompson Road in Baytown for a balloon release in remembrance of a young man who had just been shot and killed. The wake was full of women and children.

“It was a big gathering and everything, with kids and families and stuff like that and the food truck was right there,” Harris County Sheriff’s Office Detective Alfred Vera points out while explaining the scene.

Vera tells us there was also a bouncy house and shortly after the balloons were sent into the air, surveillance video showed several men getting into a small black sedan and opening fire with a rifle. assault and handguns.

“And at that time you could see sparks coming from a vehicle that were gunshots. You could see sparks flying from the ground and people falling on each other, grabbing children and s ‘runaway’,” says Vera.

13 people were shot, leaving children as young as 10 injured.

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“They took Disha from me. She was loyal. She was career driven. She was a good mother. She planted a Christmas tree a few days before she was taken from us. to smell her, touch her, to have another moment, but I can’t, so I’m hanging on any way I can,” says Goudeau.

“We know that someone knows who was involved in this. It is very important that someone comes forward and gives us information on who was involved in this horrible incident. For someone to pass and unload blows of fire as nothing, he should tell the public that these are dangerous individuals who must be arrested and brought to justice,” says Inspector Vera.

“I will feel a sense of peace knowing that they are no longer on the streets and can no longer harm families. I want justice for my daughter. I asked her not to go . So she told me she was going to work. The last words we said to each other were “see you tomorrow morning”. She was working the cemetery team. So we said see you tomorrow morning, but this morning is not Never came. This morning never came. Every time I leave his burial place now, I say “I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I love you “because I believe that one day, one morning, I will see my daughter again,” Goudeau said tearfully.

The car used by the shooters was found burning just down the street. If you know who opened fire on the crowd during that Baytown balloon release, there’s a $5,000 reward.


As we search for solutions to save our streets, Detective Vera says crimes cannot be solved without the public’s help. He says making criminals means a safer city and is a way to reduce the crime rate because if left on the streets, criminals usually continue to commit more heinous crimes. Remember that you can call and report information anonymously to Houston Crime Stoppers (713) 222-TIPS.