A woman’s eyeglasses lost at the Great Falls Balloon Festival

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If anyone in Sun Spots Land has found a pair of women’s goggles at or near the Hot Air Balloon Festival, I would greatly appreciate a call at 754-9008. The glasses have dark brown square frames and progressive lenses. — Beverly, no town

ANSWER: Hope you find them – prescription glasses are expensive! Did the festival have a lost and found stand? You can also contact the festival organizers at [email protected]lloonFestival.org or post on the Facebook page where there is a live chat. Let us know what happens!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need to move my piano to my new condo. Do you have the name of someone who could help me with your Rolodex? Professionals only, please. — Unnamed, Lewiston

ANSWER: Red’s Moving (https://redsmoving.net/) in Lewiston specializes in piano moving and also offers full moving services both local and long distance. The phone number is 784-8766 or email them at [email protected]@yahoo.com.

Blanchette Moving & Storage (http://www.blanchettemoving.com/), also in Lewiston, is another option. They can be reached at 782-7429 or [email protected].

DEAR SOLAR PLACES: While traveling through the Midwest this summer, we stopped at a little store for some snacks and saw something really cool. In your column recently, you mentioned little free libraries and I was inspired to write to tell you that what we saw was a little free art gallery!

The little “house,” about 3 by 3 feet, was built like the little libraries, but instead of books, it had art supplies such as tempura paint, brushes, crayons, and markers and art paper. There were also small framed paintings and drawings no larger than 2 inches by 3 inches with a few signatures of different artists on them. It was decorated with beautiful paper collages and murals inside and out. It was truly a thing of beauty and I was fascinated by the very idea.

The small art gallery is inside the store near the checkout and she told us very proudly that her granddaughter, a student, set it up this summer for community members to share their little art. There is also a small pad of paper for visitors to sign. It’s the sweetest thing!

Because it’s in the store, she can keep an eye on it, and she’s seen a lot of people contributing to it. I thought this was a fabulous idea and am going to make one with my kids to put on the front of our garage. We look forward to doing so and hope it inspires others to do the same. — Maribelle, no town

ANSWER: Thank you for sharing this lovely idea! Your enthusiasm got me excited enough to research the subject and read that these little free art galleries have really caught on in urban areas and there are a few in Maine. There is one in Eastport and Castine, and according to the Down East article written in 2021, another was about to appear in Cherryfield (https://downeast.com/maine-made/free-little -art-galleries-Maine/).

Readers, have you seen any of these little free art galleries on your travels around the state? I would like to know !

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