Aims Community College to host Great Aardvark Embark balloon launch

The fifth annual Great Aardvark Embark balloon launch will take off on Saturday September 24 from Aims Community College in Greeley.

The balloon launch will take place on the grounds north of the college’s Cornerstone building at 5401 West 20th St.

The field opens to the public at 6:30 a.m. The balloons should be launched between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Hot air balloon rides will not be offered, sold or given away. The college encourages the community to watch professional pilots from the Colorado Balloon Club install, inflate and launch the balloons.

This event is weather dependent. Weather conditions may change launch times and event status. Aims staff will post day-of-event conditions and updates to the event page at

Breakfast burritos and coffee will be available on-site at Arty’s Grub to Go food truck. All proceeds benefit Arty’s Pantry, an on-campus food bank. Arty’s Pantry ensures that all Aims students have access to the basic food and supplies they need to succeed.

“We love bringing the community to campus for fun events, and the Great Aardvark Embark is a unique reason to experience what the college has to offer,” said Christina Edwards, Aims Events Director, in a press release.

A chalk art competition is also scheduled for the day, Edwards said.

Aims Community College places great importance on the safety of everyone on site and will follow state and local safety guidelines. The college asks all attendees to remember the following for the event:

  • Please follow the parking signs and park legally. Parts of Winograd Lane (inside the Aims campus) will be closed for pedestrian safety.
  • Smoking is prohibited during the event.
  • Participants are not allowed to fly drones during the event.
  • Only service animals are allowed.
  • No overnight parking.

To request accommodations for the ball launch, please call the college at (970) 339-6388 or email [email protected]