Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic – Rocket City Mom

The Alabama Jubilee includes sixty balloons from across the United States. Visitors are encouraged to go out for the day to see these magnificent flying machines in action and are allowed to roam freely among the balloons. The Alabama Jubilee features live acts and shows and many local and regional bands have played some of their first shows on our stage. Veterans are honored with a ceremony on stage and live radio broadcasts go viral!

When: May 28-29
Cost: entrance and parking are free

For more details and updates, please visit Alabama Jubilee website.

Advice for the Jubilee
-Balloons fly early in the morning and late afternoon. Morning flights begin at 6:00 a.m.; Afternoon 6 p.m. ~ 7:30 p.m.
-Connected rides are limited and require a signed liability waiver. Children under 19 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
-Many pilots do not strap children three and under. The loud noise from the burner can damage their ears.
– Paid flights are not sold during the Jubilee. If you want to buy a ride for another time, many riders sell them; please visit the Heart of Dixie Balloon Club for more information.
– Dress appropriately, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.
– Smoking is not permitted on the launch pad. The balloons use liquid propane as fuel, which is highly flammable.
-Dogs and other pets are discouraged as loud noises and fire may scare them. If you bring them, they must be leashed and wrapped up afterwards.
-Alabama’s Jubilee is a “drone-free zone”. Even if you are a licensed drone pilot.