Ball People Are Getting High, Literally, With Hydrow’s Fitness Equipment

“It was a pretty weird concept, but that’s what we liked,” Bruce Smith, CEO and founder of Hydrow, told Muse. “And is there anything happier than balloons? When you see them, you can’t help but smile. We wanted to bring a light touch to fitness and reflect what we know people feel after working with Hydrow: lighter and happier.”

Director Rich Hall keeps the proceedings…grounded. While memorable and slightly surreal, the visuals never look ridiculous. And John Beckwith brings an appropriately light touch to his all-guy narration.

“The sense of deflation has been pretty universal, especially over the past few years,” Smith said. “We wanted to reach people who have struggled with this and are looking for a complete mind and body workout that they can incorporate into their daily habits and routine.”

The commercial’s bouncy couple, nicknamed Bob and Lucy by the crew, was custom-made for the shoot.

“Our goal was to make sure they looked like balloons, yet were charming and easy to understand,” says Erica Grubman, Mojo’s production manager. “Our character design phase was quite long and the development was akin to the casting process since they were the talent. We used a combination of fabricated models and puppeteers, as well as CGI, to make sure the balloons took lives transparently.”

Indeed, the results are impressive and it is difficult to say which scenes are successful. Tip: Balloons cannot row vigorously on high-tech machines. Still.

“Our biggest challenge was accurately depicting Bob using the Hydrow and demonstrating our character’s evolution from chicken to chicken,” says Grubman. “For this sequence, we used a suit of an experienced rower wearing a custom Bob suit and CGI animation. It was also important that Bob rowed correctly – good form is essential to get the most out of your training and to the wounds.”

Glad he improved his mood with all those endorphins and such. I hope the work will appear on the market. In a manner of speaking, of course.

Brands have already launched stuff in the same vein. Recent notables include Waze’s fearless tube man, those soaring lungs that raise awareness of air pollution, and the Clio Award-winning 70ft bloated dinosaur head that promotes Godzilla: The King. monsters.


Client: Hydrow
Agency: Mojo Supermarket
Producer: Riff Raff
Director: Rich Hall
Visual effects: etc.
Edit: Hutch Co
Music: SixtyFour