Balloon Art by Merry Makers will bring One Million Bubbles installation to downtown Greeley – Greeley Tribune

Balloon Art by Merry Makers will set up a special balloon display outside the Greeley Downtown Development Authority office this weekend for this year’s One Million Bubbles collaboration.

On Saturday afternoon, Allison Dunning, owner of Balloon Art, and her team will work with the DDA to craft a kindness message from The Youngbloods’ song “Let’s Get Together,” according to a press release. The public is invited to enjoy the exhibition until Sunday.

In 2020, 2,200 balloon artists took part in a global campaign, “One Million Bubbles”, to spread love, joy and hope through their art during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dunning set up displays in his yard before the first two years and decided to share his work this year.

Companies applied via an online form, which asked questions such as “Why your company?”

“The Downtown Development Authority is a non-profit agency that strives to create and sustain a downtown that is a healthy and vibrant heart of the community, welcoming all to come together, celebrate and share the joy of where we live and who we are,” wrote Alison Hamling, Director of Downtown Experience at DDA. “Our message downtown will be seen by thousands of our wonderful and diverse people in Greeley. It would be a perfect fit for these difficult times as we emerge from COVID into a still uncertain world, reminding us that we are all connected.

Steven Jones of Balloon Designers in Seattle, Washington launched “One Million Bubbles” in March 2020 after seeing grocery shoppers behaving badly out of fear and angst. He installed a balloon-shaped mural outside his business with the simple message: “Be careful, be kind”.

Dunning said the details of the display will depend on the weather, but it will be “fun” and “groovy.”

For more information on Balloon Art by Merry Makers, visit or check out their Facebook page, @BalloonartbyMerryMakers.