Balloon business explodes in Dickson City

It’s a labor of love – a business venture that breathes new life into a Lackawanna County man as he battles cancer.

DICKSON CITY, Pennsylvania — It all started with one letter.

Kathy Garing brought a sketch to her father, Mietek, at the hospital, asking for his carpentry expertise: Did he think she could carve this?

After battling cancer and not being able to work for nearly three years, it was a question he needed to hear.

“The sparkle in his eyes is the father I remembered from childhood. It gave him a purpose – a purpose that no one thought would ever exist again,” Garing said. “He was given a very short ‘sentence’, so to speak. There was very little hope for him.”

So they went on – designing, sculpting, eventually launching a full-fledged business: Party Pop Co. The father-daughter duo create personalized arrangements to help people celebrate all stages of life, from marriage to age 6.

“It’s unique. It’s different. Every staging I do is customized for my client. No two stagings are the same,” Garing said.

And each takes hours, while Mietek continues to fight cancer, sometimes even while he’s actively undergoing chemo.

“Honestly, I have no idea how he does it. It brings me so much life, personally, because I know the struggle that comes with treatment,” Garing said.

As the business grows, Garing hopes it can inspire others who are going through the same thing as her father.

It offers free arrangements to cancer patients and survivors, like this onemade for a 3 year old child celebrating two years of remission.

“Seeing the joy it brought to my father, it made sense to bring that joy to people in similar situations.”

Party Pop Co. is moving into a physical store. The goal is to hold a grand opening at the Main Street storefront in Dickson City this spring.

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