Balloon company finds a niche – The Namibian

DESPITE the global Covid-19 pandemic, Windhoek’s party scene is buzzing and balloon decorator Lylian Petrus-Rumeta of Balloons Corner is making the most of it.

Those who have passed through MegaCentre in Windhoek may have noticed the beautiful arrangement of balloons lining the mall. All thanks to Petrus-Rumeta, through his company created in 2019.

Indeed, what started as a containment project has rightly exploded for Petrus-Rumeta, who thinks he has found his place.

“I make custom balloon decorations for all occasions including corporate and personal parties. I make arches, garlands, bouquets, columns, I even make marquees.

The Instagram Balloon Shop caters to all occasions, from simple helium foil balloons to more intricate designs and arrangements. Not only do they have balloons for every budget, custom products are also available upon request.

“My goal is to own my own store and make party equipment available and affordable for event planners in bulk,” she says.

The designer admits to learning everything she knows on YouTube and hopes to attend a decorator masterclass in the future.

Petrus-Rumeta told The Namibian that the business is still in its infancy. He employs a person who manages daily appointments, while Petrus-Rumeta maintains a full-time job.

She says she is interested in working with the Children’s Cancer Service to donate free garlands on special occasions.

She is excited about the future of her business and hopes to collaborate with as many local businesses as possible.

“The hardest thing about balloons is you have to be patient. If you don’t have patience, it’s not easy. Balloons burst and things like that. Sometimes you look at it and think it will take 20 minutes and it will take an hour and a half,” she says.

Despite the challenges, she enjoys seeing her vision come true.

Currently, she works in her garage, and the small space is now filled with office supplies, backdrops, pumps and boxes of balloons.

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