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Balloon launch held to honor McGregor shooting victims

MCGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) – The McGregor community comes together after tragedy struck their community Thursday morning.

Residents are giving back to families who lost loved ones in Thursday’s shooting.

Neighbors and loved ones are standing up to show their support and do what they can for the families involved in the shooting that claimed the lives of five people.

“The community has also been a wonderful resource there. To help us provide for the needs of these children, ensuring that they are well taken care of. It was a big change for everyone involved,” said Jose Sepilveda, a relative of the family.

A balloon release took place on Saturday to honor these victims and their families.

Organized by Lauren Elizabeth and McGregor High student Brittany Webb, the couple were able to ask HEB Woodway to donate the balloons.

Many family members were present to release it, some sharing memories of the past before releasing their balloon, others writing messages on their balloon.

“Words cannot express how grateful our family is for all the support we have received,” Sepilveda said.

After thinking about it for a long time and choosing to continue, Rhett Revolution, a non-profit organization based in McGregor, organized its first day for children.

Choosing to carry on meant incorporating ways to honor lost lives while reuniting family.

All funds raised through sales of Children’s Day t-shirts would be divided among families as well as donations.

A message board was also set up so people could post words of encouragement or offer their condolences.

“Then why not move on. Moving forward. We will recognize what happened. We will honor and commemorate those who died and what happened, but at the same time try to show that life can still be worth living again,” said Jimmy Hering, Mayor of McGregor and co -founder of Rhett Revolution.

Lori Aviles and her family had a motto of faith.

Now her best friend carries the motto with her as she says goodbye to a dear friend.

“They are so loved. I know Mike, Lori and Natalie are together and I know they know their boys are surrounded by love,” said Alicia Chaney, one of Lori’s best friends.

Throughout my coverage, I learned that there was so much love in McGregor.

This central Texas town is “McGregor strong,” exclaimed Rhett Revolution Children’s Day volunteers.

Terms of donation to the family:

1. RLJ Designs makes a shirt in honor of the victims. All proceeds will go to the families involved.

2. Clothing drive for the three young children left without their mothers: All donations can be brought to McGregor Kids Stop in McGregor.

– Boy, 4 years old

  • Tops: 4-5
  • Low: 4-5
  • Shoes: 12
  • Underwear: 4-5

– Boy, 6 years old

  • Tops: Medium
  • Bottoms: Medium, sweatpants, basketball shorts
  • Shoes: 6
  • Underwear: M adult

– Girl, 6 years old

  • Tops: 6
  • Low: 4-5
  • Shoes: 12
  • Underwear: 4-5

3. TFNB has opened two benefit accounts for families who lost loved ones in yesterday’s shooting at McGregor. All bank tellers have the necessary information should you wish to make a deposit into either account.

The two accounts are listed as follows:

  • Armando Aviles Gorostieta FBO Monica Delgado Aviles, Miguel Avila and Natallie Avila
  • Geromino Sanchez III FBO Lori & Natalie Aviles

4. The Aviles family have set up a Cashapp for Ezra and Zion where you can donate for their clothes and/or gift cards etc. which will be returned directly to them. ($EZaviles)

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