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Balloon Pump Buying Guide

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Why buy ball pumps?

Balloons are one of the most common and recognizable party decorations that instantly make a room or event more festive and ornamental. But if you’ve ever had to inflate them yourself, you know how hard it takes to blow and blow to fill even a balloon with your breath. Balloon pumps allow you to fill balloons not only faster but also more efficiently. All it takes is a few flicks of the wrist, stepping on a pedal or flipping a switch. Some models can inflate two or more balloons, which speeds up the process even further. Not to mention, it’s much easier to inflate your balloons to the size you want, or a more uniform size for decoration like a balloon arch, since you have better control over the process. Depending on the pump, it may be compatible with other items like beach balls or inflatable pool floats, allowing you more regular use.

What should you look for in ball pumps?

  • Design: Consider your unique needs when considering the design of a ball pump. Will you be blowing up balloons with a partner? If so, look for a design that has two inflation points that can operate simultaneously. Additionally, finding a model that works well with a wide variety of balloon types (including those with small openings and foil balloons) can add value to your purchase.
  • Supplements: Hosting a party but falling behind on your shopping? Balloon pump kits often come with lots of party accessories for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a party supply store. If you’re buying a pump, look for one that comes with features like extensions for small balloons and a handy balloon attachment mechanism. There are even models that work with water and air, so you can use them to fill water balloons in hot weather.
  • Sustainability: Some electric pumps generate a lot of heat, which can reduce the life of a product or cause it to overheat and stop working temporarily or permanently. Therefore, look for one that is durably constructed and stays cool even after prolonged use. Additionally, some hand pumps are fragile and break easily, so durability is always a key consideration when purchasing these products.

Should I buy a manual or electric balloon pump?

It depends on your needs, your budget and your personal preferences. Manual and portable balloon pumps are much cheaper than electric pumps, but they will also take longer to inflate the balloons. If you have an event with a really high volume of balloons that need to be inflated, an electric pump may be worth the extra cost. On the other hand, manual balloon bumps are smaller and more portable, and you can use them just about anytime, anywhere. Unless they’re battery-powered, electrical devices require a power outlet, and they’re much bigger and heavier. They are also much louder.

Our picks for the best ball pumps

best electric

Advantages: Featuring two inflation modes (continuous or push-to-inflate), this compact device is lightweight with a carry handle for excellent portability. It has a built-in heat exhaust, so it shouldn’t overheat like similar models. It also comes with two extensions which make it a perfect choice for small balloons and balloons with small openings and a manual mode and an automatic mode. Both modes can operate simultaneously if desired. Additionally, this product can inflate two balloons at once, making it a huge time saver when preparing for a party.

The inconvenients: Even with the extensions included, this ball pump is not compatible with all balls. You won’t be able to use it to fill helium or foil balloons at all.

Conclusion : This small, portable pump offers all the fast-acting convenience of electric pumps without many of their usual drawbacks. You can’t go wrong with this handy model for those looking for a great electric balloon pump that inflates balloons in seconds.

Ideal for water balloons

Advantages: This portable ball pump offers you excellent value for money. The pump is air and water compatible, so you can use it for party balloons and water balloon fights. It also comes with 250 colorful balloons for a little extra bang for your buck. As it is a manual and portable model, you can easily take it to a friend’s house, to the beach or to the park, as long as there is a source of water close at hand, and that is quite simple to use, much easier, faster and less messy. than filling water balloons with a hose or tap. If you have kids over the age of about five, they should even be able to use it on their own (with adult supervision, of course).

The inconvenients: Depending on how many water balloons you plan to use, the pump may run out of water, so you need to stop it and refill it. Also follow the instructions to pump no more than 10 or 15 times; excessive pumping may damage the unit or even cause it to explode.

Conclusion : If you’re trying to get the most out of your ball pump purchase, this 2-in-1 portable model is definitely worth a look. It can fill balloons with air and water, so you can use it all year round for a wider range of different activities.

best hand pump

Advantages: Featuring strong, durable construction and an easy to use design, these pumps are much sturdier than most similarly priced hand pumps, and what a great price they are. Especially since you receive two pumps, allowing two people instead of one to inflate more balloons in the same amount of time quickly. Whilst offering a slightly slower inflation speed than electric pump options, they will still inflate an average ball in seconds without the associated noise. They even work on foil balloons and other inflatable items like exercise balls, beach balls, and pool floats, though it’s a longer process than filling balloons with air.

The inconvenients: If you have longer or oddly shaped balloons to inflate, these pumps may be less efficient or take longer to fill. Although they are about the best hand push-ups you can find, you might find your arms tired if you have more than two dozen balls.

Conclusion : These portable ball pumps are hands down the best option for anyone looking for excellent manual ball pumps that will stand the test of time.

Premium Choice

Advantages: Electric balloon pumps and inflators are considered the best for high-volume jobs, and this high-end device is among the crème de la crème. Unlike many electric models, it’s powered by a five-hour rechargeable battery, so you can use it almost anywhere, even if there’s no electrical outlet nearby. You won’t have to guess how much time and energy is left on a charge; one of the screens on the front of this device keeps track of the battery power percentage for you. It’s compatible with most balloons, even the biggest or weirdest ones, and has a timer so you can track your progress as you decorate. The built-in fold-down carry handle makes it easy to transport when needed.

The inconvenients: This pump is much more expensive with its added features, and while it’s still faster than inflating balloons with your breath, it can run a little slower than other electric models.

Conclusion : If you frequently host parties or need to inflate dozens or hundreds of balloons multiple times, this premium balloon pump will be well worth the higher price tag.

Cutest design

Advantages: Featuring an easy-to-use, easy-to-inflate design with a single inflation point, this cute little pig-shaped balloon pump is electrically powered and fast-acting; despite its small size and lightweight 1.5 pound body, it is capable of filling a standard size balloon in just three seconds. It is compatible with foil balloons as well as classic rubber party balloons. Along with the pump itself, you’ll receive an instruction booklet and a host of useful balloon and party decor accessories with your purchase. This includes two balloon attachment tools, two strips of dot glue (with 100 dots each), two strips of balloon tape, two wall hanging hooks, two flower clips, and a foil balloon adapter for those looking to get creative with their balloon decorations.

The inconvenients: This pump tends to get hot if used continuously for long periods of time, so those who want to inflate hundreds of balloons at once may want to take a short break every ten balloons.

Conclusion : Rounding out our list, this little electric pump scores big points for its adorable design and quick balloon inflation. Cute and lightweight, it’s great value for money, especially considering all the extra reusable decorating accessories.

Final Thoughts

You may not think of investing in a balloon pump as part of your party planning, but you’ll be surprised at how much use you’ll put to it once you get it. Even if you don’t throw parties with much regularity, you’ll appreciate having one on hand when decorating.