Big Balloon Build arrives on Lake Geneva in April 2023

Big Balloon Build Director Stuart Davies, resident of Wales in the UK, is hosting the event on Lake Geneva in April 2023, organized by Wisconsin Balloon Décor. The first-ever Big Balloon Build event in the United States will take place in Indiana in April of this year.

The location and a specific date in April 2023 for the event here have yet to be announced.

“It’s a long way off now, but we’re planning right now,” said Sara Meyer, owner of Wisconsin Balloon Décor. Wisconsin Balloon Décor is located on Lake Geneva.

According to Meyer, Big Balloon Build events have taken place in the UK a few times, but in April 2022 it will be the first event in the US, with Lake Geneva being the second next year.

“It brings together a bunch of balloons and balloon artists to help a local charity raise money,” she said. “We basically create this once-in-a-lifetime facility and then donate it to a local charity for them to use in different ways. It’s really up to the charity how they use the large facility.

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Installation of constructions will generally include some sort of exposure around local communities.

“It’s so hard to explain,” she said. “Every wall, inch of ceiling, everything will be covered in balloons.”

Another goal of the Big Balloon Build, Meyer noted, is showcasing local communities.

“It brings in all these artists and we can show off our local town,” she said.

About 60 balloon artists from around the world plan to be present for the 2023 event.

“It’s exciting to be able to do something on this scale. No company could ever do something like this. We have the manufacturers behind us and many people involved. Being part of the crew and also hosting it is super exciting.

Meyer will be doing his first balloon building event in Indiana this year.

Much of the planning for next year is yet to be finalized, but the 2023 event will be sponsored by Kunes RV and Auto Group.

“We’re going to roll with this and do a theme about the great outdoors,” she said. “It will be like camping, big balloon trees, big RV balloons, animals and forests. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.