Black Balloon Day: Celebrating lost loved ones, raising awareness of the real battle of addiction –

black ball day March 6 arrives, which is a day to honor the loss of loved ones to the tragedy of an overdose, as well as to help break some of the stigma and raise awareness about addictions.

“It started a few years ago in the United States with a woman whose husband died of an overdose and March 6 was her birthday,” local organizer Janelle Kincaid explained.

Kincaid’s late husband, Damon Grant, suffered an overdose in January 2021.

“The reason my kids and I decided we were going to start doing something in the Weyburn area is March 7 would have been Damon’s 50th birthday, and in his honor we’re going to start that.”

She said several people in the community told her, “If you need help with posters or anything, just let us know.”

Kincaid said she hopes to help people understand that addiction can happen to anyone. In fact, Damon became addicted following unsuccessful back surgery due to a work injury.

“There’s such a stigma about it, but it shouldn’t be your brain and your mental health should be more front and center, you know, staying centered or being able to say, hey, I need some ‘help I’m fighting but we all put such a stigma on oh that person is crazy No. That person in trouble And for someone who says I need help that’s a person very strong in my opinion.

She shared how those struggling to find more resources can help themselves while coping with a loved one who is an addict.

“Let your addict know that you love them, that you support them, but that you also need to set limits, because you need to set limits so that you don’t get overwhelmed and that doesn’t overtake your life. You need to be able to say, ‘hey, this is where I draw the line’.”

Kincaid is collecting the names of loved ones lost to addiction, along with their photos and dates, which must be sent to Kincaid by March 1. She will set up balloons along Saskatchewan Drive in Weyburn in honor of those lost too soon to substance abuse in our community on Sunday, March 6. Send details to [email protected]

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