Burbank City Council approves Mylar balloon ordinance

At the city council meeting on January 11, 2022, the city council approved the Mylar Ordinance, prohibiting the sale of mylar (metallic) balloons filled with helium or lighter-than-air gas. Mylar balloons can be sold if filled with air and fixed or mounted on a pole or decorative structure at the point of sale. The municipal ordinance comes into effect on Friday, February 11, 2022.


Mylar balloons pose a safety hazard when they come into contact with or get close to power lines. Electricity between the power line and the conductive material of mylar balloons can cause power outages, explosions, downed power lines and damaged infrastructure. A mylar balloon has the potential to leave hundreds of community residents and businesses without power for an hour or more.

“Mylar balloons are fun, but over the years they’ve caused hundreds of power outages in Burbank,” says Jeannine Edwards, deputy general manager of sustainability, marketing and strategy at Burbank Water and Power (BWP ). “Our goal is to work with the community to help prevent power outages caused by mylar balloons. If you must have helium filled balloons, you can always use latex balloons, those that don’t conduct l Otherwise, we can’t wait to see all the creative ways our community will use air-filled mylar balloons.

Burbank residents and businesses can find more information about the Mylar ordinance on the BWP’s website at BurbankWaterAndPower.com/mylar-balloons.