Can you spot the error in Air Balloon Picture in 5 seconds?

Puzzle puzzle: This brain teaser is for those who like to play fun games and puzzles. Brain teasers make a simple riddle or jigsaw puzzle more interesting because these brain teasers are solved with creative thinking. While solving these puzzles, you have to be creative and analyze the problem a little differently. So, we have come up with an interesting puzzle where you have to spot the error hidden inside the picture of the hot air balloon.

Can you spot the error in Air Balloon Picture in 5 seconds?

Image source: GPuzzles

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In the image above, you need to spot the error hidden inside the hot air balloon image. The image shows two hot air balloons with people inside enjoying the aerial flight. An alert mind can solve this riddle in 5 seconds. You must look carefully at the picture before answering the question because the answer is quite simple but tricky. As a warning, the answers to this brain teaser have been given just below the question, so make sure you don’t scroll too far and cheat!

Index: The error is somewhere hidden in the air balloons.

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In this brain puzzle you have to identify the errors in the numbers inside the picture. Here we can see people enjoying the hot air balloon flight. There are two balloons – red and blue. Now take a moment and try to see if anything strikes you as incorrect. Did you notice anything wrong? At first, you probably won’t notice the error immediately because it’s a smaller detail than you might think. But after a few seconds, you might be able to identify the error in the image.


Image source: GPuzzles

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So the error in the image is that Blue Balloon is a simple balloon and not the hot air balloon which carries passengers for the air journey. The blue balloon is a simple balloon which is a small colorful object that you blow air into and use as a toy or for decoration. A hot air balloon is a large balloon made of a material that is filled with gas or hot air so that it can fly through the sky, carrying people in a basket below. Only the red balloon in the photo is the hot air balloon.

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This riddle was tricky but simple because it requires less time and brain power to solve. Some puzzles don’t necessarily require math skills or lateral thinking, but are a simple test of your observational skills. But it feels good when you find the answer in a few seconds.