Catch the Balloon Bug with Balloon Installations by Minne Merriments

Photos by Natalie Snyder Photography

Ellie Dhar was a new mum with a 7-month-old baby when she first caught the ball bug. She had just installed her first balloon art for her best friend’s wedding shower and was captivated by the potential fun that custom balloon installations could add to celebrations of all kinds. She is now the owner of Minne Merriments, where she works with clients to design unique and colorful installations and parties.

Ellie Dar

“Balloons started out as a hobby, a creative outlet, a challenge, a moment of self-expression and now it’s my passion project that I can share,” she wrote on the website. “I love finding out about the latest party trends and will create full designs myself. I also enjoy sharing my love of party brands with others and will make party plans for my friends, family and co-workers.

The Minne Merriments Instagram is full of enchanting facilities for birthdays, weddings, graduations and other celebrations. Whether it’s garlands and arches, columns and mosaic assemblages running down stairwells or across mantelpieces, or scalloped ceilings and patios, Minne Merriments is ready for the project. The balloons are available in colors ranging from pretty pastels to earthy teal and sienna, as well as bright primaries and sophisticated silver and gold.

To collaborate with Dhar, fill out this form. “We will work together to choose the colors, the size, the design, the fluidity,” she explains. “I look forward to being your creative partner and working with you.”