CERENOVUS Launches EMBOGUARD Balloon Guide Catheter for Use in the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

February 15, 2022 – CERENOVUSan emerging leader in the field of neurovascular care and part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, announced the launch of EMBOGUARD, a next-generation balloon guiding catheter for use in endovascular procedures, including those for in patients with acute ischemic stroke.

Ischemic strokes, caused by the formation of a local blood clot or embolism that travels to a vessel in the brain and obstructs the blood supply, account for 85%1 of all strokes worldwide. Mechanical thrombectomy (MT), a minimally invasive procedure to remove a clot, is the recommended treatment option for acute ischemic stroke.2 The EMBOGUARD Guide Balloon Catheter is designed to optimize clot removal by locally controlling blood flow during TM procedures.3 Balloon-guided catheters increase first-pass recanalization, reduce procedure time, and reduce the risk of rupturing clot fragments and causing distal embolisms.4 Distal embolisms during an endovascular procedure can lead to further ischemic events.

“Without prompt and effective stroke treatment, patients can suffer lifelong disability or addiction,” said David Fiorella MD, PhD, director of the Stony Brook University Hospital Cerebrovascular Center. “The benefits of balloon guide catheters are increasingly recognized for their ability to maximize patient outcomes. By adding this innovation to its Stroke Solutions portfolio, CERENOVUS will provide physicians with the tools they need to better serve our patients, potentially increasing the chances of living a functional and fulfilling life after stroke.

EMBOGUARD is the latest addition to join CERENOVUS Stroke Solutions – a suite of technologies designed with compatibility in mind to help physicians perform mechanical thrombectomy procedures. Launched in 2020, CERENOVUS Stroke Solutions now includes the EMBOTRAP III Revascularization Device, the PROWLER™ EX Microcatheter, the CERENOVUS™ Large Bore Catheter as well as the EMBOGUARD Balloon Guiding Catheter and CEREBASE Guiding Sheath.

“We are proud to announce the addition of EMBOGUARD to our family of CERENOVUS solutions for stroke,” said Mark Dickinson, Global President of CERENOVUS. “Adding this device to our technology portfolio provides physicians with an innovative and comprehensive set of tools to treat their patients, building on our commitment to changing the trajectory of stroke.”


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