College Release Balloon Decision: Michigan Student Shocks Parents

One of the biggest moments in most teens’ lives is making the decision to go to college. At the start of senior year, you start applying to colleges and getting acceptance letters, doing campus tours, and slowly starting to whittle your list down to a few. As spring rolls around and summer approaches, everyone starts signing letters of intent to play sports in college and others start announcing where they will be studying. Where are you going? How do you present your decision? This Michigan teenager had a very clever idea, but much to the chagrin of her parents.

We’ve seen balloons used in different ways to reveal something. They’re often shown in school colors at graduations and even letter of intent signings, but the most common reveal using balloons is a gender reveal for an expectant mother. This Michigan student wanted to use balloons to tell her family, friends and everyone else where she was going to school. His parents were more than surprised by his choice to pursue post-secondary studies.

College Gameday posted a Facebook video of the reveal and got tons of shares, comments and reactions on the viral platform. At first glance, this looks like a video that couldn’t have a bad ending, but clicking on it and watching the video was a great decision. The reveal itself seemed to have been made very simple by the decoration, but what came out of it was completely different.

The box that held the balloons along with his decision about them was decorated and painted in a split pattern. They only used 4 colors and 2 logos to add some flavor to the box, leading those watching to believe that one of these 2 schools would be inside. One half of the box was painted white with a white and green Spartan head for Michigan State, while the other side was painted blue with an M corn block for the University of Michigan.

Her mother and father stood on either side of the box, each ready to open a flap to show where their daughter would go to college. Obviously they were ready to rub it in the face of the others because they were a house divided into fandom, when they didn’t know that neither of them would rub anything. Their daughter threw them both for a loop.

When the parents opened the flaps, scarlet and gray balloons appeared. There was even one with an Ohio State logo on it as well as soccer balls. Mum’s jaw dropped to the ground as she couldn’t believe it, while Dad was visibly upset and tried to put the balloons back in the box. I’m sure they both expressed how happy and proud they are of their daughter, but it’s hilarious that she’s traveling to southern Ohio.

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