First Patient Enrolled in MedAlliance’s Drug-Eluting Balloon Trial

  • How to Leverage Technology to Foster Diversity in Clinical Studies

    This colorectal cancer screening study recruited 35,000 patients across the Americas. Chuanbo Xu, Freenome Cancer does not discriminate. It is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Early detection is key in treating – and even preventing – cancers like colorectal cancer (CRC). Despite recommendations that anyone over the age of 45 should be screened for… […]

  • Pitfalls to avoid in medical device approval

    Prevent costly litigation caused by these common mistakes in patent licensing agreements. Marcelo Barros, Kathleen Daley, Brian Kacedon, and Matthew Ritter, Finnegan Licensing and other technology transfer agreements can be critical for medical device companies that invest significantly in the R&D of new technologies and seek and obtain protection intellectual property for these investments. But if these agreements… […]

  • Tolerance build-up: insight into the inner workings of high-density microelectronic medical devices

    Tolerance stacking is a key design concept to ensure new products are built effectively and efficiently. Darren Gilmer, Intricon At a time when the future of micro-miniature medical devices seems limitless, one fundamental reality remains firmly in place: the sizes and shapes of human anatomy. From blood vessels to ear canals, respiratory tracts… […]

  • Deburring and finishing for beautiful, functional medical devices

    The latest automated cutting tools help medical device manufacturers meet tough specifications and high demand. Dave Sawicki, Xebec Rising demand and technological advancements are driving growth in the medical device industry. Chronic diseases are more prevalent and the aging population is larger, contributing to the demand for highly regulated Class III medical devices such as… […]

  • FDA Seeking Innovations to Go Beyond Heater-Cooler Problems

    The FDA today issued a notice that it is working to evaluate new strategies to mitigate infections associated with heating-cooling devices. According to the notice, the administration is collaborating with professional societies, public health partners, heater-cooler manufacturers and experts on the issue of heater-cooler devices used during medical and surgical procedures to warm… […]

  • Thank you dad! Medtech executives reflect on Father’s Day

    Everyone has a story of how they got into medical technology, and it’s no surprise that many of those stories start with how we were raised. As Father’s Day approaches, Medical Design & Outsourcing asked medical technology leaders to share some thoughts on how their fathers inspired their careers, the products they make, and the companies they started… […]

  • Why filter bank design is essential for effective hearing aids

    The choice of filter bank is essential to recreate natural sound in hearing aids. Dana Helmink, Widex USA Modern hearing aids are a marvel of medical technology, especially in the area of ​​digital audio processing. They capture sound waves, convert them into digital signals, process them through the device, and then deliver a new sound wave to… […]

  • Benchmark Electronics will discuss various filter designs at IMS2022

    Benchmark Electronics (NYSE: BHE) today announced that it will deliver the final word on high-performance RF/microwave filters next week. Benchmark, based in Tempe, Arizona, will provide visitors with information on various filter designs at the 2022 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS2022) in Denver June 21-23. Representatives from Benchmark Lark Technology will discuss custom meeting filtering solutions… […]

  • HHS offers guidance for HIPAA-compliant audio telehealth

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights today released guidance on the provision of audio-only telehealth services pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ( HIPAA). “Audio telehealth is an important tool for reaching patients in rural communities, people with disabilities, and others seeking convenience… […]

  • Freudenberg Medical has a new CEO

    Freudenberg Medical (Beverly, Mass.) announced the recent promotion of Mark Ostwald to the corner office. Ostwald previously served as the company’s CTO and on its board of directors. He joined Freudenberg Medical in 2009, holding several leadership positions including President for Europe, Head of Minimally Invasive Solutions, and Vice President and General Manager of the Silicones business… […]

  • Tips for verifying contract manufacturers from Fictiv CEO Dave Evans

    Good help is hard to find. Fictiv co-founder and CEO Dave Evans has built a business around solving this challenge. San Francisco-based Fictiv finds and vets contract manufacturers to connect them with companies like medical device developers. After closing a $100 million Series E funding round this spring, Evans spoke with Medical Design & Outsourcing… […]