Hamas seizes Israeli military surveillance balloon

The Palestinian militant group Hamas has captured one of Israel’s military surveillance and reconnaissance balloons.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official in the military wing of Hamas Told Al Monitor that the observation balloon broke away from its anchor and crashed in a town in the northern Gaza Strip.

Members of the Israeli armed forces reportedly tried to destroy the device before Hamas could find it, but without success.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoththe balloon crashed because of an operations officer mistake and was blown by a strong wind towards the Gaza Strip.

After the incident, the military temporarily removed surveillance balloons from its borders as a precaution.

“Dangerous” incident

Military Writer and Senior Defense Analyst Amir Bohbot Explain that the recent capture of an Israeli balloon by Hamas could be “dangerous” for the nation.

Concerns about the potential leak of crucial information surfaced, but the Israeli military said it was not afraid if such a leak occurred.

The Hamas source revealed that the balloon is equipped with six high-resolution cameras with night and fog visibility, as well as thermal imaging.

“We are now working on reactivating this balloon to use it to monitor the movements of the Israeli army,” the Hamas official said. Al Monitor.

Until now, Hamas has used locally made drones and cameras available on the market to monitor Israeli military movements.