Hot air balloon crash lands near South-Melbourne building

A hot air balloon landed short of its destination, falling on an apartment building in south Melbourne on Wednesday.

According to police, the balloon crashed around 7:20 a.m., with 13 people on board.

Emergency crews responded to the scene in Tiuna Grove, Elwood, thankfully reporting no injuries.

Pilot Nick Braw explained on 3AW radio how a malfunction occurred on his way to Moorabbin.

“I can’t explain what the malfunction is, so I don’t know what caused it,” braw said.

“But the valve that releases hot air from the top, which we use to maneuver the ball, was not sealed properly.

“It was a bit difficult to keep the ball in the air. I was flying low to try and knock it down.”

Braw said he aimed to land on the beach, but missed it by 200m.

Karen Wedding of Fairfield was on board, an 18-year-old gift for her daughter.

“Apparently it was a brand new ball and it was faulty and didn’t work as expected,” Marriage said on ABC radio.

She said that despite the scary scene, the pilot made it his mission to avoid a dangerous landing.

“[The pilot] did an amazing job, he missed the power lines, he missed the cars, big elm trees shook our fall,” she says.

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