How to Bring Back Old-Style Balloon Tooltip Notifications in Windows 11 and 10

Remember the days of little speedball notifications in Windows? Here’s how to bring them back on Windows 11 and 10.

The DWORD (32-bit) Value option

Alternative titles:

  • How to Bring Back Old-Style Balloon Tooltip Notifications in Windows 11 and 10
  • How to Restore Tooltip System Notifications in Windows 11 and 10
  • A Guide to Restore Tooltip Notifications in Windows 11 and 10

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 all have tooltip system notifications. These tooltips are bubble notifications that appear around the system tray area. One of the good things about those old-school tooltips was that you could hover your cursor over them to keep them around longer if needed.

Windows 11 and 10 have different toast tooltips that flash for about 5-10 seconds before disappearing. You cannot keep these notifications longer by hovering over them. However, you can restore balloon-style tooltips on newer Microsoft desktop platforms with the methods below.

Windows 11 Home does not have a built-in option to restore tooltips. Still, a little registry tweaking will restore tooltips in Windows 11. You can manually add a EnableLegacyBalloonNotifications DWORD in registry to restore old-style tooltips as follows.

  1. To open the search field, press the To win + S keyboard shortcut.
  2. Type Registry Editor in the search utility to find this app.
  3. Click Registry Editor to open its window.
  4. You will need to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsExplorer key in the registry. Enter this registry key location in the address bar and press the button Walk in key.
  5. Right click on the Explorer registry key in the left navigation pane to select New > DWORD (32-bit) value.
    The DWORD (32-bit) Value option
  6. Grab EnableLegacyBalloonNotifications for the title of the DWORD.
  7. Double click on the new EnableLegacyBalloonNotifications DWORD to display a value data box for it.
  8. Walk in 1 in the Value data box, then click the OKAY option.
    The Edit DWORD window
  9. Click on the Registry Editor window X (close).
  10. You will need to restart Windows for this registry tweak to take effect.


After restarting, you will see system tray notifications appear in Windows 11, like the one in the snapshot below. When a notification appears, move the cursor over the notification to hold it. You can click on the cross on the notification to close it.

A notification tooltip

If you don’t prefer the tooltip, you can always restore the original toast notifications. Open the Explorer key in Registry Editor again as shown in steps one through four of the method above. Then right-click on EnableLegacyBalloonNotifications DWORD and select the To delete option. Or you can set the value of DWORD to 0 Instead.

Another way to restore tooltip notifications in Windows 11 and 10 is to use third-party customization software that includes such an option. Look no further than the freeware Winaero Tweaker, which is packed with handy Windows customization settings. This is how you can restore tooltips with Winaero Tweaker.

  1. Open the download page of Winaero Tweaker Software.
  2. Select the Download WinaeroTweaker option on this page.
  3. Bring up the Explorer file manager by clicking the folder icon on the taskbar.
  4. Go to the folder where you saved the ZIP archive for Winaero Tweaker.
  5. Right-click the Winaero Tweaker ZIP file to select Extract all.
    The Extract All option
  6. Select the Show extracted files checkbox in the extraction tool window.
    The compressed Extract window
  7. Click on Extract to open an unzipped folder.
  8. Then double-click on the Winaero Tweaker installation file.
  9. Select the I accept the agreement and I install options in the Winaero Tweaker configuration window. You do not need to modify the other default installation options.
  10. To start Winaero Tweaker after installation, select the Run Winaero Tweaker check box. By pressing the To finish will then launch the software.
  11. Double click Desktop and taskbar in the Winaero Tweaker navigation sidebar.
  12. To select Tooltips to open the option below.
    The Enable Tooltips checkbox
  13. Click it Enable tooltips check box to select it.
  14. press the Log out now button that appears in Winaero Tweaker after changing balloon tooltip option.
  15. Windows will then restart with tooltip notifications restored. You can enable a balloon notifier to see what it looks like by inserting and then removing a USB storage drive from your PC.

To bring back the original toast tooltips, return to Winaero Tweaker’s Enable tooltip option. Then click on the Reset this page to default values option for this parameter. You will need to restart Windows to apply the changes as before.

This is how you can bring back the old-fashioned tooltip notification in Windows 11 and 10. How do you like it? Some Windows traditionalists might prefer the tooltips of yesteryear over Metro-style toast. You can now choose the notification style you prefer.


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