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Huff n’ Puff launches hot air balloon rally

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Up and Away.

The launch of the Huff n’ Puff hot air balloon was a great success this year at Mount Hope Grounds.

“I’ve always loved hot air balloons. Years ago when I was single and living in Tulsa Oklahoma, I was part of a hot air balloon crew and learned a lot about them, but I always loved them,” says Topeka resident Terri Van Ostran.

Hundreds of people showed up and there were many new faces in the crowd.

“It’s pretty nice here and honestly, there’s a lot of balloons here that look pretty good,” says Topeka resident Rayden Tessman.

Food trucks and vendor tables also added to the excitement.

We asked enthusiastic kids what they thought of the experience. “What’s your favorite part about going out…eating popcorn…eating popcorn?…what’s your favorite part about going out?…watching hot air balloons!”

The balloons took off a little after 6:30 p.m.

Organizers also brought baskets to collect food items for harvesters and toys for toddlers, with proceeds this year benefiting the Topeka Zoo.

Everyone we spoke to said they had a blast.

“It’s a great summer memory, it’s a great summer activity. It’s really not too hot today, it’s pretty good and they lifted the balloons because there’s no wind and they went fast tonight so it’s great, ”says Van Ostran .

The hot air balloon rally continues with launches, weather permitting. Click on here for the full schedule and location.

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