In Aegean Sea, calls for Greek-Turkish collaboration on puffer fish threat

Charalambos Tzarakis couldn’t believe his eyes when he lifted his nets from the Aegean waters off Crete in late March – over 300 kilos of Lagocephalus, a poisonous invasive species better known as pufferfish or pufferfish. globe, looked at him.

Commonly found in the tropical waters of the Indian, Pacific and Red Sea oceans, climate change has seen the fast-breeding puffer fish push north into Turkish and Greek waters, part of an increase in alien species that , experts say, threaten marine life and the livelihoods of fishermen.

“Lagocephalus is a nightmare,” said Tzarakis, president of professional fishermen at Ierapetra. “I have worked at sea for 55 years, since I was very young, but we have never experienced the kind of situation that we have been in for a few years.”

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