Kmart shopper’s hilarious birthday surprise ruined by balloon failure

Kmart is great for party decorations, but you might want to check out what you’ve purchased before it’s time to use them.

The presents are wrapped, the cake is decorated and before you can go to bed to dream about your child’s reaction in the morning, all you have to do is inflate his birthday balloons and then everything will be ready.

That’s exactly what one mother did before discovering a slight problem – one of the Kmart balloon letters was wrong. In the package that was labeled “C”, there was actually the letter “B”, which meant that the best she could do was spell “Luba” instead of her daughter’s name, Luca.

Amber was able to laugh that her Kmart balloon was the wrong letter. Photo: Supplied

Rather than get upset about it, mom Amber laughed it off and shared it on her favorite Kmart group on Facebook.

“Go home Kmart, you’re drunk. It may have ruined my birthday, but it made my night,” Amber posted on the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page.

“OMG I laughed then I had a coughing fit and I was between choking, coughing and laughing. You guys made my night. Hope you had a good time anyway, sorry Kmart suppliers don’t know their alphabet,” commented a member of the group.

“Kmart needs to go back to school and learn their alphabet,” another wrote.

Buyers laugh at balloon error

The post garnered over 1,000 likes in just 24 hours.

“His brother was giggling. He’s screaming LUBA LUBA,” Amber shared with the group in the comments, adding, “Yeah don’t wait till eve when she’s in bed and Kmarts are closed.”

Others also shared their misadventures with party decorations they bought at the discount supermarket.


“Hahaha yes! I got a happy birthday garland from Kmart a few years ago and it actually said happy birthday…still hanging in there. It was hilarious,” one said.

“I bought a Happy Birthday garland that said Happy Dirthbay, I was annoyed but then it got fun to see if anyone noticed,” another commented.

Despite the laughter his post received, the dodgy balloons were destined for the trash.

Birthday girl not amused

“Unfortunately I didn’t use them because as funny as me and my partner found it, it turns out six-year-old girls aren’t amused by a mix-up,” Amber revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“We ended up throwing them away because we couldn’t use them. She was always happy with her presents and it was just for a present, not a party.

“We love Kmart. Just a shame I couldn’t install it for my daughter on her special golden birthday on 6/6/16 being 6 years old.”

And it wasn’t just the dates that were special, as Amber further explained.

miracle baby

“Luca is an IVF baby born on 06/06/16,” said the mother-of-two from Perth. “She also came out with six toes on each foot.

“She was named after our fertility doctor because Luca, as a name, is derived from the name Lucy – kudos to Dr Lucy Williams who created her.”

Mom is still a huge Kmart fan

But the childcare worker was surprised at the number of likes she received after posting the photo. “I knew it would be a laugh, which was my intention in posting it, not to try Kmart.

“Kmart is like my kids, in my eyes they can’t hurt. I love them unconditionally and give them all the extra money I have lying around,” she joked.

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