Many gather for a balloon release in honor of the victims of the Uvalde shooting

EL PASO, Texas — Dozens of people gathered at Tobin Nations Park on Saturday to honor the lives lost in the Uvalde shooting.

Organizer Johnny McGrue said he has been planning this for almost two weeks and expects around 10 car and truck clubs to come together to support the cause.

“Parents are losing their kids especially in a shootout where some heartless sick man decided to go and take kids and parents right now they’re hurting so I decided to bring the community of El Paso , all the trucks and car scenes here to show Uvalde, Texas that El Paso has their support,” McGrue said.

The sounds of drums filled the air as people gathered to watch a traditional religious dance and hear a priest.

Twenty-one balloons were released into the sky, as people stood close together and lit candles in their memory.

Organizer Stephanie Miranda said Borderland had a special connection to the tragedy and felt its pain.

“Three years ago we went through a tragedy like this and now that we see Uvalde going through it the same way we do, we kind of know more or less how they feel, so now we’re strong in El Paso, so we have to support them in their strength in Uvalde,” Miranda said.