Meet the team behind the Balloon Glow fireworks show

CINCINNATI — When you think of the 4th of July, you immediately think of fireworks. Rozzi Fireworks pyrotechnicians play a big part in celebrating America’s birthday with a bang.

What do you want to know

  • Pyrotechnicians conduct fireworks behind many hours of preparation before the shows
  • Terry Lewis has been building displays since the mid 80’s for Rozzi Fireworks
  • He finds joy in seeing others captivated by the shows and has as much fun now as he did when he first started.
  • It takes about two days of work to set up a 20-minute show


Rozzi Fireworks pyrotechnician Terry Lewis pulls a truck full of supplies to Coney Island ahead of Balloon Glow, one of Cincinnati’s water park’s signature fireworks nights.

Lewis has been building shows since the mid-80s.

“Right now it’s fun. It’s been since I started,” Lewis said.

Rozzi’s team works to unload equipment for the Balloon Glow show at Coney Island (Tino Bovenzi, Spectrum News 1).

Lewis is a retired firefighter with a passion for fireworks. He is motivated by making people happy.

“That’s why you do it,” Lewis said. “These kids, they have a ball coming out watching this. And many adults too.

A six-person crew unloads the truck and installs mortar tubing and brackets, following a design layout along the way. Then they work to remove any debris that may be inside from previous shows, before possibly loading the tubes with the fireworks.

It takes about two days of work to produce a 20-minute show. So, at the end of the show, these pyrotechnicians only want to hear one thing: applause.

Crews work in extreme heat to ensure each fireworks display goes off without a hitch (Tino Bovenzi, Spectrum News 1).

“Hearing that lets you know that, yeah, they appreciate all the hard work,” Lewis said. “They may not realize all the hard work and all that goes into it, but they enjoyed the show. They appreciated everything that happened. And it works well. »

The Balloon Glow fireworks will take place this Sunday at 10:15 p.m. in Coney Island. For more details, visit the Coney Island website.