Milwaukee nonprofit will honor drug overdose victims with Black Balloon Release Day event on Sunday, March 6


Samad’s house will accommodate 2n/a Black Balloon Launch Day Annual Event to help support local Wisconsin families

MILWAUKEE, WI (February 28, 2022)— Samad’s house he will welcome his 2n/a Annual black balloon release day on Sunday, March 6and at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The ceremony will take place at 2875 North 23rd Milwaukee Street. The event will bring together organizational partners, families and individuals to launch black balloons in remembrance of those who lost their lives to substance abuse and overdose in and around Milwaukee County in 2021.

Samad’s House is a nonprofit organization addressing the opioid crisis in Milwaukee County. Samad’s House’s mission is to create an environment that provides people with a history of substance abuse with the tools to manage sobriety, restore families, and comfortably readjust to society.

Now in its second year of activation, the nonprofit’s Black Balloon Release Day event is a literal and figurative ceremony where individuals are encouraged to write down the names of loved ones lost to drug overdose. , as well as special messages of love, frustration, anger, hope, happiness or sadness directed to those who are lost, attach them to the black balloons, then release the balloons in the air. The event is meant to be cathartic, festive and productive.

One of the new features added this year, designed to increase productive action, is a community roundtable. Immediately following the Black Ball launch ceremony, a panel discussion will discuss concrete, real-world solutions to the drug addiction and overdose crisis in Milwaukee. The panel will be comprised of drug and alcohol counselors and professionals, law enforcement professionals, leaders of nonprofit organizations, and elected government officials. Some of the guests include; acting mayor Cavalier Johnson; police chief Michael Norman; Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas; Alderman Russell Stamper and Alderman Michael Murphy – Chairman of the City – County Task Force on Heroin, Opioids and Cocaine.

According to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office, between January 1st and on December 31, 2020 “…There was an all-time high of 544 confirmed drug overdose deaths”. Sadly, Milwaukee County surpassed that number in 2021 with 560 reported overdose deaths. An increase attributed to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic (Milwaukee NNS, 2020.) The most affected zip codes are: 53212, 53219, 53207, 53214 and 53206.

“When I saw these tragic statistics, I knew our organization had to do something even more intentional this year for our 2n/a Annual Black Ball Release Day,” said Tahira Malik, Founder and COO of Samad’s House. “Samad’s House has decided to incorporate a roundtable and invite many of Milwaukee’s leaders and elected officials to join us to discuss finding and creating concrete solutions to this persistent and pervasive crisis in our community. “

Addiction is defined as continued use of a drug despite negative consequences. Opioids are one of the most addictive drugs. Opioids are highly addictive because they induce euphoria, and chronic exposure to opioids leads to structural and functional changes in the region of the brain that affect impulse, reward, and motivation.

Samad’s House takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment. The nonprofit organization works with individual clients to retrain and reshape the mind after addiction, through structured programming that rebuilds mind, body, and spirit. The non-profit organization has created a 120-day program in conjunction with contract partners such as Roger’s Memorial Hospital and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to help individuals, especially women, fight addiction by offering the following services: Parenting Skills, Nutrition and Wellness Classes, Family and Individual Counselling, AODA Classes, Education Development, Child Support Settlement, Court Settlement, Anger Management, Critical Thinking, effective decision making, financial literacy and budgeting, time management and goal setting.

The Black Balloon Release Day event will start at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 6and at Samad’s House, located at 2875 North 23rd Street Milwaukee, WI 53206. For people who are uncomfortable in public, the nonprofit asks them to consider hanging a black balloon from their door, mailbox, etc. to show their support on March 6.and. Event organizers will also be assembling resource kits and dropping balloons on March 3.rd in preparation for the event – requests for this deposit can be emailed to Tahira Malik at: [email protected]

People with specific questions or requests can also reach the organization at: (414) 595-6501



Samad’s house is a sober living home for women recovering from opioid addiction and/or substance abuse. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Milwaukee, WI. Our main objective is to provide 120 days of intense programming to restructure the thought and action patterns of women who have lived in addiction for several years; working diligently to rebuild mind, body and spirit.

To learn more about how you can support Samad’s House or participate in the Black Balloon Release Day event, please