Minecraft Education Edition: how to make a balloon

Balloons are decorative blocks you can craft Minecraft. Added in 2018 with the first chemistry update, you can craft 16 different colored balloons and attach them to walls as decoration. However, you will need several unique items to Minecraft Education Edition. This guide will teach you how to make balloons using Minecraft Education Edition.

How to Make a Balloon in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft HeliumMake a balloon Minecraft Education Editionyou need the following materials:

  1. latex x6 Created using Carbon x5 and Hydrogen x8 in a Compound Creator
  2. Helium x1 – Created using protons x2, electrons x2, and neutrons x1 in an element builder
  3. Lead x1 – Found in Chests in Ancient Town and Woodland Mansion
  4. Color Dye x1 – Found by crafting flowers, combining dyes, or defeating monsters depending on color

Before creating latex, you will need to obtain carbon and hydrogen using an element constructor. You also need helium for the balloon crafting recipe. To get an item builder, you can go to the creative inventory search and find one if you are in creative mode. If you are in Survival Mode, you must use in-game controls to obtain the Constructor. However, if you are playing on Bedrock Edition, you must also have “Education Edition” enabled in your world settings.

Minecraft Education Edition: How to Get Sodium

minecraft latexOnce you get an item builder, interact with it to see the item screen. You will find a circle with the icons “p+”, “e-” and “n”. These icons and the sliders below represent protons, electrons, and neutrons. Carbon, Hydrogen, and Helium require the following to create:

  1. Carbon: Protons x6, Electrons x6 and Neutrons x5
  2. Hydrogen: Protons x1, Electrons x1 and Neutrons x0
  3. Helium: Protons x2, Electrons x2 and Neutrons x1

After creating each of the three elements, navigate to your Compound Creator. In the 3×3 grid, place 5 Carbon and 8 Hydrogen to get Latex. Make sure you have at least 6 Latex in total. Once you have your latex and helium, head to a crafting table and interact with it. The image below shows the exact recipe for making a red balloon.

Minecraft Education Edition Ball

In Minecraft Education Edition, if you want to make different colored balloons, replace the red dye with another color. For example, if you want to make a light blue balloon, place light blue dye in the top middle square instead of red dye. Similarly, using bone meal or ink bags will result in white and black balloons respectively.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms.