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FARGO — You could say Angie Johnson and Jillyan Bledsoe got off to a running start when they launched their new venture, Above and Beyond Balloons, in February.

One of the first calls they made was to Mark Knutson, executive director of the Fargo Marathon. In order to publicize their new venture, they offered to create a balloon installation for its annual ShamRock n Run event. He agreed, and they assembled a 5-foot cloverleaf for the runners to use as a backdrop for photos in downtown Fargo.

Angie Johnson and Jillyan Bledsoe, owners of Above and Beyond Balloons, assembled a 5-foot cloverleaf backdrop for the ShamRock n Run event this spring in downtown Fargo.

Contributed / Above and Beyond Balloons

“I think he was very shocked by what we brought,” Johnson said.

Knutson was impressed enough to invite the women back for the Essentia Health Fargo Marathon.

The women happily agreed, filling the Fargodome lobby with balloons on Friday, May 20.

Johnson and Bledsoe have also been busy creating balloon arrangements for graduations, banquets and corporate inaugurations. They booked their first wedding in June.

“I made sure to let her know she was our first,” Johnson said. “We are really excited.”

While they enjoy jobs of all types and sizes, women agree that “bigger is better.”

“There are a few other places in Fargo-Moorhead that do balloons, but we really want to get into the big events. The corporate events,” Johnson said. “We have such big imaginations and love looking for inspiration online.”

grad balloons.jpeg
Pictured is a 16ft balloon garland and wooden wall installation from Above and Beyond Balloons in Fargo.

Contributed / Above and Beyond Balloons

From volleyballs to balloons

The women met several years ago when Johnson coached Bledsoe’s traveling volleyball team. They recently reconnected when Bledsoe started babysitting Johnson’s one-year-old daughter.

Bledsoe got the idea for Above and Beyond Balloons from family members who run a successful balloon business in Houston. It didn’t take long to convince Johnson to join her.

“We contacted my cousins ​​and they helped us. They said, ‘Do it. There’s no reason not to,'” Bledsoe said. “There’s nothing like it in Fargo, so we went.”

Jillyan Bledsoe, right, and Angie Johnson hang balloons for Above and Beyond Balloons Thursday, May 19, 2022, in the Fargodome foyer in preparation for the Fargo Marathon.

Michael Vosburg/The Forum

His family continues to offer support, but there are also many resources and ideas online for those interested in starting a balloon business.

“I get so many balloons on Instagram now,” Johnson said.

For now, they are operating the business from Johnson’s home.

“We’re trying to get through graduation and see what June and July have in store for us,” Johnson said. “If it stays stable enough, we’ll consider a brick and mortar location. We just want to make sure before we commit to anything that we’re going to stay busy.”

Any occasion is made better by balloons, she added.

“Corporate events, baby showers, birthdays, weddings: any event benefits from balloons.”

For more information or to place an order, visit Free shipping is available in Fargo. Orders outside of Fargo are charged $0.50 per mile for delivery.

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