Non-occlusive airway dilator balloon set to hit UK market

A non-occlusive airway dilator balloon, made by South African company Disa Medinotec (Pty) Ltd, is due to hit the UK market.

The device, called “The Trachealator”, can be used on adults and children to treat airway stenosis and allows continuous ventilation in patients, thanks to its design and construction.

The Trachealator non-occlusive airway dilator balloon, distributed in the UK exclusively by DP Medical Systems, comprises a group of balloons that expand at a high nominal pressure (RBP 12 atm) around a central open channel.

The award-winning device folds up easily for retrieval, has markers for visual and radiographic positioning and, with a working length of 650mm, can be inserted through a rigid bronchoscope. A guide wire is included on all units.

Owen Pemberton, Commercial Director at DP Medical, said: “We are very proud to introduce the non-occlusive Trachealator airway dilator balloon to the market, where it will no doubt be well received by ENT practitioners and surgeons treating airway stenosis.

“Traditional balloon dilatation catheters completely occlude the patient’s airway when inflated, while the non-occlusive device has been cleverly designed to allow continuous ventilation during the treatment of airway stenosis.

“Airway stenosis is a very serious, life-threatening condition, and the procedure – although common – is difficult. The Trachealator will help healthcare professionals perform treatment easier and faster, without compromising safety and patient ventilation.

The Trachealator, which won gold at the 2021 Medical Design Excellence Awards, is available for demonstration and purchase now, through DP Medical Systems Limited.