Plane forced to avoid hot air balloon drift before landing

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a passenger plane was forced to dodge a hot air balloon that got in its path just before landing.

The pilot of the plane had to take evasive action when he came across the unexpected object during his final approach to Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport in Brazil.

Fortunately, they were able to avoid hitting the ball and land everyone on board safely.

Plane forced to dodge hot air balloon in midair

The Qatar Airways flight was carrying up to 300 passengers at the time, many of whom, as well as plane spotters, noticed the large balloon approximating the jet’s flight pattern.

“The balloon caught the attention of the people on board,” a passenger told local media via

Rafael Freitas, who took photos of the near miss, said: “The Boeing 777 arrived a little out of alignment with the runway to avoid the ball. When it passed the ball, it turned around to correct its alignment .”

The Boeing 777 arrived from Doha on Sunday morning and the incident is currently being investigated by officials in Brazil.

The incident is under investigation

The Boeing 777 arrived from Doha on Sunday morning and the incident is currently being investigated by officials in Brazil.

It is believed that the balloon may have been used as part of a local festival.

Qatar Airways spokesperson said that QR779 landed safely “as usual”, adding that all safety margins were maintained during the maneuver.

“The captain has filed a report following the flight which is currently under investigation by Brazilian authorities,” the spokesperson added.

Last month, passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Washington, DC, were left in a panic after water poured from the plane’s ceiling. The incident happened on board British Airways flight BA292 on June 10 towards the end of the seven-hour journey.

Footage filmed in the cabin shows water falling from the overhead compartments, with another clip showing it dripping down the stairs of the A380 double-decker plane, which was flying at 30,000 feet.

The airline confirmed the leak was due to a failure of the water storage unit, but said it did not present a safety issue.

There were no safety issues at any time, it was with the drinking water supply. The flight continued safely to Washington and landed normally, the airline said in the statement.

British Airways said the safety of passengers and crew was never compromised during the incident and therefore no diversion was necessary.

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