Qatar Balloon Festival 2021 ends

The second edition of the Qatar Balloon Festival, held from December 9 to 18, received positive feedback from the public with its 35 hot air balloons crossing the sky of Doha for 10 days.

“Our first edition was a great success, and we saw a big increase in public attention with our second edition of the festival. We are pleased with the progress we are making,” organizers told the *Gulf Times. Our fan base has tripled this year, with balloon rides sold out before the festival start date.”
“We’ve had hundreds of people contacting us with positive feedback and thousands of social media posts and videos,” they added.

The festival, organized by Safe Flight Solutions, and Fusion Technology, in collaboration with Qatar Tourism and Aspire Zone Foundation, coincided with four major events in the country: Qatar International Food Festival, FIFA Arab Cup 2021, Qatar Live 2021 and Qatar National Day celebrations.
Many residents, including commuters and those who visit public parks regularly, were thrilled to see the balloons in the early morning sky, and many posted photos and videos on social media.
According to organizers, the event also featured “Night Glows” at Aspire Park so visitors could enjoy “a unique sighting of balloons next to each other, with pilots ensuring they glow in the dark. at a perfect pace.”
This activity is “accompanied by the musical events of the festival from the main stage, creating a pleasant atmosphere and an experience like no other”.

This year’s festival also featured various entertainment and other side events at Aspire Park, such as live performances (music bands), roving jugglers and mascots, an inflatable playground for children, and food offerings. .
“Qatar is the perfect place for hot air balloon activities with its perfect weather and incredible landscape,” the organizers said. “We aspire to be part of the main activities of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”
“We would be honored to organize this festival, and with the support of our valued partners and sponsors, anything is possible,” they added.