Second recovery of the mysterious balloon in November

Tension has risen in the border belt of Samba district in Jammu and Kashmir after an airplane-shaped balloon in the colors of the Pakistani flag was recovered from Ghagwal area on Sunday night.

Although nothing was found in the balloon, tension has gripped border residents as this belt has witnessed repeated intrusions by Pakistani-controlled drones over the past six months to drop weapons and narcotics.

According to reports, “BHN” was written on the balloon in the colors of the Pakistani flag found near a petrol pump in the Ghagwal area of ​​Samba district. The gas pump is located near the international border.

Panicked, the petrol pump workers immediately informed the police of the mysterious balloon. Police took the ball into their possession after security staff at the gas station spotted it around 10 p.m. and informed police.

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A security guard at the gas pump told police that a white and green colored balloon was in the gas pump area. When the security officer inspected the balloon, he found some words written in Urdu and identified the Pakistani flag on it.

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Second mysterious balloon recovered this month

The repeated recovery of these mysterious balloons has sown fear and panic among the locals.
Earlier on November 2, an airplane-shaped balloon was recovered along the international border in the Nadd area of ​​Samba district. The ball was green and white in color with a crescent moon and star from the Pakistani flag printed on it. BHN and emirates were written on the ball with Urdu text.

On October 8, Jammu and Kashmir Police retrieved a suspect balloon recovered near the international border in Kathua District.

Also earlier this year in March, an airplane-shaped balloon with a “PIA” mark was seized in Samba district. Notably, PIA is the acronym for Pakistan International Airlines. The ball marked PIA was recovered in the village of Sarna.