Space Perspective unveils balloon-shaped spacecraft for space tourism

Launch end of 2024, perspective from space, a space tourism company, will bring thrill-seeking travelers and aspiring astronauts to the “ends of space”. In its recently released renders, the company shared the design of the orbiting capsule’s exterior, Spaceship Neptune, which features a bulbous shape with panoramic windows.

The space shuttle is presented by Space Perspective as “carbon neutral” in design and functionality. No rocket fuel will be needed for liftoff; instead, a massive, high-performance SpaceBalloon will propel the spacecraft past the Earth’s surface. The design by Dan Window and Isabella Trani, co-founders of London-based design studio Of My Imagination, mimics that of a traditional balloon or parachute take-off and landing.

(Courtesy of Space Perspective)

“Centuries of balloon and parachute operation and development demonstrate that always flying the balloon from launch to landing, with traditional parachutes as a backup backup system, is by far the simplest, most secure and most robust,” Space Perspective founder Taber MacCallum said in a press release. “Our proprietary flight system means the capsule and SpaceBalloon™ always stay connected, and take-off and landing conditions are always in our control.”

Its balloon-like shape was chosen by the design and engineering team, which also included experts from Siemens and AWS, for several reasons: it allows for maximum comfort and headroom in the interior of the spaceship and its shape is ideal for “pressure resistance” and “splash resistance”. ” landings on a myriad of surfaces. The design is optimized for landing on water, considered the safest landing technique by NASA. Its patent-pending splash cone is designed for smooth landings in a body of water. Upon arrival, the crew, passengers, and SpaceBalloon will be ushered onto a ship and brought back to shore.

A reflective coating on the windows will repel solar gain and a thermal control system will insulate the cozy lounge-like interiors from the outside elements, including the inevitable temperature fluctuations. With windows wrapped around the entire ship, passengers will never be without a view. 360-degree cameras equipped inside provide space tourists with the ability to zoom in closer on the view.

balloon-shaped spaceship in the dark
(Courtesy of Space Perspective)

Space Perspective and Siemens tested many designs and ran a number of tests and simulations before landing on this one and also worked closely with AWS Cloud Servers to realize the technology.

The interiors of the Neptune spacecraft were first unveiled in April, showing off a design that literally takes first class to new heights. Extra plush armchairs and circular sofas are full of personal bars, mini-fridge included. A digital screen wraps around the inner pod displaying key travel facts, including current time, altitude and destination on the ground below.

inside a spaceship with passenger bars and chairs
(Courtesy of Space Perspective)

The manufacture of the Neptune spacecraft has already begun at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The team has a 300,000 square foot test area, with another 100,000 for installations.

Space Perspective has already sold nearly 900 plane tickets. Journeys to the outer reaches of space will begin at the end of 2024 and are expected to last a total of six hours. Tickets cost $125,000, payment by credit card or crypto.