Spot the love heart balloon in the valentine photo

Were you great in the I Spy books when you were a kid? And now?

A bewildering puzzler tests players’ research skills to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.


Can you find the heart-shaped balloon among the roses, arrows and hearts?Credit: 247 Stores

To celebrate the upcoming romantic holidays, UK retailer 247 Blinds has released the tricky puzzle.

Among a pink and red sea of ​​roses, hearts and cupid’s bows, something is like no other.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to find the unique heart-shaped balloon hidden in a print.

You’ll have to watch carefully to decipher the balloon from the other similarly shaped hearts in the teaser.

If you need a hint, look towards the middle section on the right side.

The heart-shaped balloon floats on a single string, and thanks to the same shape and size of the red hearts, it can be quite difficult to spot.

If you are still struggling to complete the puzzle, head below for the answer.

To further test your observation skills, another puzzle challenges players to spot the snowman with the missing snowman in this snowy scene.

Created by Feel Good Contacts, the puzzle takes an average of 20 seconds to solve, but can you beat the record?

Additionally, another puzzle challenges people to spot a rubber duck hidden among bubbles.

To break the record, you must find the hidden bathroom toy in less than 28 seconds.

Even more difficult is this puzzle where you have to find the missing decorative mushroom from a pair.

The image features a collection of mushrooms with slightly different colors and markings.

But there’s only one with no exact match, making it the odd one out.

The hard-to-spot balloon is hidden on the right side of the Valentine's Day print


The hard-to-spot balloon is hidden on the right side of the Valentine’s Day printCredit: 247 Stores

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