Students triumph in the Noel Turner Science Festival competition with their balloon-powered car designs

Year 5 children from St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, Carisbrooke, were delighted to find they were the winners of the Noel Turner Science Festival competition, as part of the Science Festival held at Cowes Enterprise College in June.

Prior to the event, all of the primary schools in attendance were asked by Johnson Electric to design a balloon-powered car capable of traveling the furthest distance, using a range of recycled materials and a balloon to get it moving.

The “Cringer” and “Chicken Nuggetmobile”
Year 5 children at St Thomas of Canterbury were the big winners with two models titled ‘Cringer’ and ‘Chicken Nuggetmobile’.

The prize of a laptop computer and a set of pens, colored pencils and technical drawing pencils was graciously donated and presented by contest sponsor Johnson Electric just before the summer vacation.

A Johnson Electric spokesperson said:

“We were delighted to learn that the children were so involved in the activity at school and we are delighted that the award will further support the education of children.”

Bakewell: A great project that children can participate in
School principal Kate Bakewell said:

“We were absolutely thrilled as a school where our grade 5 kids won the overall award.

“These STEM-based activities are a great project for kids to participate in and can teach real science principles in a fun and hands-on way.

“I would also like to personally thank Johnson Electric for the generous award for our school.”

News shared by Nick on behalf of St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School. Ed