The Balloon Bar: A local destination for all your event needs | News

The Balloon Bar is a local creative destination for all your needs that involve birthday parties and other fun events and occasions. The business is also locally owned, as Julianne Bowley is from Ridgway.

“I was born and raised here in Ridgway. I have four children – Lilee, Sadee, Stella and Crue and a stepdaughter, Braelynn. Owning my own businesses gives me the freedom to work from home. We are a homeschooled family, so the kids and my husband, Kyle, can join us and help me with the behind-the-scenes work.

Bowley described what she wanted The Balloon Bar to bring to the region.

“The Balloon Bar was created to give our area a fun new way to celebrate birthdays and events. I follow a lot of people on social media who would do anything to decorate with balloons for events, whether it’s their child’s birthday or a fun event like a new business launch or a baby shower. I like to go extremely over the top for my kids’ birthday parties, and wanted to give people in this field a similar option.

She went on to share how much she enjoys designing the designs of the balloons to meet the customer’s needs.

“Designing and assembling the balloons is so much fun. I work with each client to custom design whatever they are looking for. For the larger models, my best friend Jesi Zilcosky and I assemble them on site.

Bowley is grateful to have a small business in the area and appreciates the community support.

“Bringing a small business to Ridgway is such a great honor. Being born and raised in Ridgway and coming from a family that owns a small business, I have seen how great it is to own a small business in our community. I am grateful for all the support from the community.

Looking to the future, Bowley hopes to expand her businesses to provide more job opportunities in the area.

“With The Social Bar (LLC) and Balloon Bar, my hope is to one day develop our region and create jobs. I mean, who wouldn’t like to play with balls for a living? I know Jesi (Zilcosky) and I really like it.

Something unique to the company is their flexibility to meet every customer’s needs, no matter the size of the budget, according to Bowley.

“The Balloon Bar has an option for everyone – whether your budget is small or unlimited, we’ll find something to suit your needs. Everyone deserves to feel special on their special days.

To learn more about The Balloon Bar, call (814) 594-7317, visit their Facebook page at ‘The Balloon Bar 814’ or email [email protected]. Be sure to book your event dates in advance to ensure you are able to secure your date.