The organizers are preparing the return of the Balloon Fiesta

APD outlined their security plan for the grounds, they will have uniformed, plainclothes and mounted officers patrolling with other agencies. The Solid Waste Department says they are working with the surrounding neighborhood to clean up the area. The Department of Arts and Culture is highlighting new exhibits, such as the “Elevation Station” which is now open in the Ballon Museum. While Parks and Rec set up the pitch.

“White pylons have grown on this land and the white canopy tents are going up, it’s starting to look like Camelot again and two short weeks it’s going to be the most beautiful 86 acres in the world,” said David Simon, director of Parks and Recreation.

As the countdown to New Mexico’s largest gathering continues, some people are still cautious about attending any gathering and questions about COVID precautions are being raised.

“Balloon Fiesta has been working on several different contingency plans for over a year now, and we are currently following CDC guidelines which include mandatory masks both indoors and outdoors in crowded environments,” Sam said. Parks, organizer of Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. .

Parks adds that they will keep the party as outdoors as possible. All food vendors will be outdoors, with no indoor dining options this year. The balloons of interest will be distributed more on the ground. And teams will work to continuously sanitize surfaces throughout the park.

Even with all of those plans in place, organizers say they are still working with the health department. Currently, proof of vaccination is not required to attend the party, but it is not prohibited.

“We are monitoring what is happening at the state fair and what demands have happened there and what the governor and our health department have said about the fair. So as we’ve seen how it’s gone and how it’s been handled, we’ll work with the Fiesta to see what mandates are in place and we’ll work with them to deliver on that,” said Lawrence Rael, COO of ‘Albuquerque.

But organizers from all departments remain optimistic for the full return of Balloon Fiesta.

“We know it’s very important for our city to get us out of the pandemic, we know we’re not done, but we know there’s still a lot of problems with covid, but we see the numbers leveling off and coming down a bit and I think that’s encouraging,” Keller said.

Finalized COVID precautions and plans are expected to be drawn up next week, in the meantime organizers are encouraging everyone to check their “Know before you go” page on their website to see the latest COVID requirements.