The Supercon W6MRR-26 balloon continues its world tour

[Martin Rothfield] and other radio amateurs High Altitude Hot Air Balloon in San Francisco (SF-HAB) offered conference attendees the Hackaday Supercon 2022 the launch of two high altitude balloons (HAB). On the morning of November 6, the two balloons were launched from a park across from Supplyframe DesignLab in Pasadena, California.

Seven days after its launch from Southern California, one of the balloons flew over Tajikistan and sailed east at an altitude of 42,000 feet (12,800 meters). Balloon W6MRR-26 was already approaching China where he will continue his marvelous world tour to unknown lands. The second balloon (call sign W3HAC-11) landed in northern Arizona where it continued to emit whenever it received energy from the sun.

Each balloon carries a tiny payload – a circuit board powered only by small photovoltaic cells. The board includes a microcontroller, a GPS module and a Weak signal propagation reporter (WSPR) radio transmitter. The transmitted operates on the 20 meter amateur radio band at approximately 14 MHz.

WSPR tags can provide time, altitude and location information. WSPR telemetry is then relayed through WSPRgates using Automatic package reporting system (APRS) on the Internet. The information collected can be viewed and mapped on websites such as

Map image of LU7AA AMSAT Argentina