This balloon capsule will take people to the far reaches of space

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Space travel is still massively unaffordable for the average person. The mega-rich may shell out billions of dollars to travel the cosmos, but the rest of us have bills to pay. Still, there are signs that space travel may soon become more affordable.

Take, for example, Space Perspective, a luxury spaceflight startup with plans to bring people to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. in a balloon-propelled craft. The company recently unveiled the capsule that will be attached to its exclusive SpaceBalloon. The spherical Space Lounge will provide passengers with a 360 degree view of the Earth below while its shape provides additional resistance to the immense pressure.

The capsule will enhance the view for passengers using satellite imagery and cameras that can zoom in and out, presumably so you can find your home when you’re up there.

While the capsule is up there, it will rely on reflective window coverings and a patent-pending thermal control system to keep cabin temperatures regulated. As the pod descends, it should gently encounter the water through its splash cone before a Space Perspective ship picks up the passengers, pod, and balloon.

Space Perspective plans to begin offering six-hour round-trip spaceflights by the end of 2024. The company is already manufacturing its first Neptune spacecraft at its facilities near Kennedy Space Center and said it has already sold 900 tickets. Now Space Perspective is accepting reservations for 2025 and beyond with tickets priced at $125,000 per person. It’s still a crazy sum, but compared to the report $5.5 billion that Jeff Bezos spent a few minutes in space is a godsend.

Space Perspective has raised around $65 million to fund its ambitions and tapped former Boeing, NASA and SpaceX employees to help it achieve it. And if the company is able to expand the operation, maybe ticket prices will drop a bit more.

Image Credit: Space Perspective

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