What is a swallowable gastric balloon? How is the method applied? Who can benefit ?

What is swallowable gastric balloon How is the method applied Who can benefit

General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Salim Balin gave information on the subject. Obesity, the scourge of the modern era, is growing like an avalanche in our country as well as around the world. A new generation gastric balloon for those who are unable to lose weight despite diet and all other medical treatments and who are afraid of surgery, a swallowable gastric balloon (pill) offered by technology. Here is the swallowable Elipse gastric balloon in 7 questions.

What is a swallowable gastric balloon?

Swallowable gastric balloon; It is a new generation gastric balloon that is swallowed with water and does not require endoscopy, anesthesia and hospitalization. It reduces appetite by taking up space in the stomach and slowing the rate at which food passes through the stomach. In addition, thanks to the volume it occupies in the stomach, it allows you to be satiated with a small amount of food. In addition, it helps patients who will undergo obesity surgery to lose weight before surgery and thus reduce their surgical risks. It is easy to swallow as it is produced in the size of an antibiotic capsule. Thanks to the thin walls of the swallowable balloon, which remains in the stomach for an average of 16 weeks, it can easily pass through the intestines and be excreted through the stool.

How is the method applied?

A process that takes an average of 15 minutes. The gastric balloon, which has a compressed capsule-like design the size of antibiotic pills, is swallowed as if swallowing a pill, along with a large amount of water. There is a connecting device at the end of the capsule and with this the balloon is inflated. Confirmation is made by taking x-rays to determine that the balloon is positioned in the correct place in the stomach. Then the doctor performing the procedure inflates the balloon with liquid by means of the device at the end of the balloon, and the given liquid does not have a negative effect on the body. After inflating the balloon with 550 cc of liquid, the x-rays are again taken. Checking the last location of the balloon now filled with liquid. After strict controls, the device at the end of the balloon is gently removed and taken out of the mouth. Thus, the process is complete.

Who can benefit ?

The swallowable gastric balloon can be applied to people aged 15-65. People with a body mass index between 27 and 35 benefit the most from the method. Since it does not require anesthesia, it is considered an ideal method, especially for people who have a disability to obtain anesthesia, who do not want to undergo anesthesia and who do not want to undergo an operation with a higher body mass index.

Who is it not suitable for?

People who have already undergone gastric and intestinal surgery are not suitable for a swallowable gastric balloon. However, the person who plans to have it fitted must first have a preliminary interview with an experienced doctor and undergo a detailed evaluation.

How many pounds can you lose with the method?

The swallowable gastric balloon remains in the stomach for an average of 16 weeks. During this period, an average of 10 to 15% of the initial weight is lost. In many scientific studies, the most effective weight loss period after gastric balloons is the first 3 months. The duration of the swallowable gastric balloon program is 6 months. After being able to lose as much weight as possible during the first 3 months, the goal is not only to lose weight, but also to continue the healthy eating habits adopted from the first day of balloon installation, even after removal body ball. In this way, the current weight is maintained and weight gain can be avoided. With the smartwatch and scale, the patient’s exercise, sleep and weight are tracked remotely.

Do you have difficulty swallowing the ball?

The patients to whom the method is applied may worry if I cannot swallow the balloon. Most patients can swallow the balloon without difficulty. However, in people who still have difficulty swallowing, the capsule can be pushed into the stomach by the doctor using a thin guidewire.

What should be considered after application?

Embrace. Dr. Salim Balin said: “After the application of the swallowable gastric balloon, the patient’s prescription is prepared by the doctor so that the patient has a comfortable habituation period and information is given on the liquid and soft diet program to follow for the first time. A few days. Serovascular therapy for a few days may also be recommended for patients who have difficulty during the adaptation period. Once the familiarization period is complete, the follow-up process begins with a personalized healthy nutrition program prepared with the dietitian. “said.